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The Railway is an old fashioned pub with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  


We are a CAMRA award winning pub and always offer a fine array of real ales.  We also offer 3 draught lagers, Guinness, 2 draught ciders as well as a selection of bottled lagers, ciders, low alcohol ale and lager and still ciders.


And we haven't forgotten our wine and spirits drinkers as we offer a choice of 3 red wines, 3 white wines, a rose and a full selection of spirits and liqueurs as well as mixers and soft drinks.

Our Team 

The staff at The Railway put in extra effort to make customers feel welcome.  Well except for Danielle, she's pretty much an evil moo.   And thinking about it Suzi may just possibly be a bit mental.  We're just not going to mention James.  Ray seems alright so we'll have to keep an eye on him.  Nathan has come back but is threatening to leave again (like the RAF need him more than we do?!) but has drafted younger brother Josh in to make up the numbers. So there's Jamie on a Sunday making people feel welcome, well unless he's a bit delicate from day drinking on Saturday,.  Poppy and Rebecca are lovely but are young and learning bad habits from Danielle (and AJ, gone but not forgotten).  Oh and the Landlord has been known to be grumpy on occasion but the Landlady is simply lovely (and you can guess who's writing this script).



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