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The Return of Quiz Night!  Wednesday 19th May @ 8pm

Quiz night is back - please book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pub re-opening update 17 May 2021

We are now taking bookings for table inside the pub starting Monday 17th May.  The rule of 6 applies inside but please keep in mind we have very limited space for groups of 6.  

All covid/social distancing rules will apply as required by the government.

Please advise us if you are running late for your booking - we allow a 20 minute grace period and then your table may be given away.

We will, of course, seat you if we have a free table but we strongly suggest booking to avoid disappointment.

Please make your booking by email:, through the contact form on this website, through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging or by ringing the pub on 01277 652 173 - please DO NOT leave a message for a booking, the messages won't be regularly monitored.

Pub re-opening update 12 April 2021

We are now taking bookings for tables starting from Monday 12th April.

Please note:

We are allowed to open outside only and not all tables are fully under cover - some tables only have beer umbrellas so please be prepared for the weather!

You must be seated whilst drinking and it is table service only - you may not go to the bar.

Currently the rule of 6 will be in place, so you can meet friends from multiple households but please keep in mind we have limited space for groups of 6.


Pub re-opening update 23 February 2021

We have lost count of how many "re's" should be in front of "opening" at this point!  After yesterday's news from the government we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to open the beer garden in April.  As April 12th is a "no earlier than" date and all schools, including Universities are being opened on 8th March we are going to wait and see how things shake down before starting to take table bookings. Our current plan is to start taking bookings in early April when the opening date should be much firmer or an absolute - we don't want to disappoint you or our selves - there's been enough of that in the last year to last a life time!  We also want to see what if any additional flaming hoops will be put in place but at least it looks like you won't need a substantial meal to enjoy a pint! We will put up a notice here and on social media when we open the diary and start taking bookings. Hope to see you all very soon! 

December Pub re-opening

After much discussion we have decided to delay re-opening the pub due to the new tier 2 restrictions.  We are waiting to see what the tier review scheduled for 16th December brings.  We will keep everyone updated on our re-opening plans and hope to welcome you all back very soon.


5th November 2020 - Lockdown

We will be closed per government lockdown rules until at least 2nd December.  We will update you with any information as soon as we receive.  We hope you all have a covid safe, sane and happy November and we look forward to seeing you (hopefully) in early December!


17 October 2020 - Important Notice - Essex is Tier 2 Covid Level High

This means only one household or support bubble to a table inside.  The rule of six still applies outside (for the time being) and all other social distancing rules are still in place.


New Rules as of 24th September 2020

Closing time is 10pm - that is doors locked/lights off so last bell will be rung at 9.30 to give some drinking up time. 

Face masks are mandatory for staff and customers.  You must wear a face mask to enter the building.  You must wear a face mask until you are seated at your table inside.  If you get up to use the loo, go our for a smoke or to leave you must wear a mask.  If you are seated in the garden you will need to wear a mask to come inside to use the loos.

Hopefully we can all work together to keep pubs open and cut down the spread of the virus so that we can get back to the serious business of being a not so serious pub!


Hope to see you all soon!


Re-opening Info

In accordance with the government guidance we have instituted a booking system.  For the foreseeable future we strongly advise to book to avoid disappointment.  Please note if you are more than 20 minutes late for your booking your table may be given away!  Please phone the pub if you're running late.

There are a load of rules in place and we are dealing with everything as best we can but here are some highlights:

Do not come to the pub if you are suffering from a fever, new cough, loss of sense of taste and/or smell or are feeling unwell in any way.  You will be asked to leave the premises.
Contact name and number must be taken for everyone coming to the pub and kept for 21 days.

Sanitise hands on the way in and out of the pub - sanitising stations are available.

No sitting or standing at the bar.

No standing inside at all - must be bums on seats but standing outside is ok.

Inside bookings should be from 2 households or bubbles, outside bookings can be from up to 6 households.

Social distancing rules must be followed or you will be asked to leave the premises.


If you're interested in booking please contact us with your preference for the following:
Time frame (2-5 or 3 to 7, etc)?
Number of people?
Inside or outside?

We will do our best to accommodate you but we can't promise exact matches or matches at all - this is all new and we are trying our best. It will be done on a first come first serve basis.

Please note we will depend on you to be here on time and for the amount of time you request - if not we lose money and lord knows we cannot afford any more of that.  Please note as stated in the first paragraph above if you are more than 20 minutes late for your booking your table may be given away!  Please phone the pub if you're running late.

You can book by:


Facebook Messenger

Calling the pub on 01277 652 173

The contact/message function on the About Us page of this website

Hopefully see you all very soon!

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